Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites live in colonies underground.  These colonies can become quite large, ranging into well over one million termites.  These colonies can also cover a very large area.  Most colonies in the Midwest don't get quite that large, only upwards of 100,000 termites but can still have quite a large foraging territory.

Termite colonies consist mostly of workers, the whitish soft-bodied termites that do most of the damage.  There are also soldiers which protect the colony, additional reproductive termites and, at times, swarmers or alates. 

Gaining access to structures
Termites need wood or cellulose to eat and contact with the soil for moisture.  Being a soft-bodied insect, they need a continual moisture source to keep from drying out.  Ideally, wood in contact with the soil is prime for termite development. Termites will build shelter tubes made of mud to bridge the gap between the soil and the food source.  The shelter tubes regulate the termite's environment keeping them safe from predators and from adverse environmental conditions.  Occasionally a leaky roof or pipe will provide the right conditions to establish a termite infestation without soil contact.

Termites will eat the spring or soft wood leaving nothing more than a thin shell on the outside.  Termites work slowly so a short delay of a few weeks or months is of little consequence.  Many times all that will be seen indicating an infestation is the presence of shelter tubes or dead termites around windows, doors and heating vents.


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